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Beyond athletics, the gym rat or bodybuilding the effects of Winny-V 50 may be best displayed once you're already somewhat lean. The compound may help produce a dryer, harder look but only if you're relatively lean. It also may aid in lean tissue preservation but not to a very strong degree that's often needed in such a phase. It's typically recommended that Winny-V 50 only be used in this capacity as a secondary product not a base or foundational product.


Winny-V 50 works exceptionally well on a cutting cycle when stacking with Trenabol 150, Clen-50, Anavr-25 and Sermoralean Peptide. Users reporting extreme fat loss, vascularity and performance increases.


Winny-V 50 users that are following the above nutrition and training program exactly are reporting anywhere from 2-6lbs of dry hard muscle gains. Athlete Users are also reporting speed and performance increases.

Good stuff. on 8 week cutting with winny-v 50, anavr, trenabol 150 and Clen. I cant believe Im up 2lbs while cutting my calories pretty significantly. My definition in my shoulders is the most noticeable so far.
Luke P.
I lift 3 times a week and do intense Running interval workouts 3 times a week . my performance and endurance is way up and have never seen so many veins in my calves. Im loving this product. going to stack when I start next cycle.
This is my 2nd week using this product and I've already seen results. Having more energy and workout endurance seemed to have increased 2 fold. 8/10
Kevin Starks
I started On 8 week cutting cycle and cutting nutrition program. I didn't start winny-V 50 until beginning of week 3. Im really starting to get the benefits of this cycle. Performance way up. Seems like I can train forever. Cardio endurance is way up. body fat down . Im a loyal Russia Pharma fan now!!!
Douglas Malone
Ill I can say is that I am so happy with my purchase. My diet was never really that great. I wanted to make change in my physique after training for so long without noticing that much of a difference. I am doing the cutting nutrition program with Winny-v, trenbabol 150, and clen 50 and have seen more change in myself in 7 weeks than I have in a whole year. I have never felt better in and outside the gym. I highly recommend to anyone. I tell everyone at gym about Russia Pharma
solid product and works just as described. Can't wait to order more, I look forward to trying more exciting and great products from you
Samuel Newton
Holy S*** I am a Russia pharma believer now . Just finished the cutting nutrition program and 8 week cutting cycle that included Winny-V 50 . Vascularity is better than ever. You can see the striations in my chest which I have never seen before. Im so motivated every time I hit gym and cardio.
Fell off working out for 6 months after an injury. This got me back in the game and feel a nice pump during working out. Stacked with Anavr-25 and followed the cutting nutrition program. My endurance and strength is great for not workout out for so long. Gave me the jump start I needed.
Im writing to thank you guys for helping me to get in the best shape of my life. I followed your cutting nutrition program and bought the 12 week cutting cycle and its changed my physique and gave me more confidence than ever. Thank you
Juan Ramirez
Winny-V 50 boosted my speed and strength tremendously. just finished 8 week solo cycle. Didn't let me down.
Dusty Brady
I think this is a very good product. So far I feel more energy and endurance during workouts feel more focused at the gym. My leg strength is way up and my biceps are much larger than before I started cycle. its crazy I could never get my arms to grow until now. I have been hitting them extra hard and following nutrition program and am really impressed. I never write anything but thought I should share because my results were so good.
Clifton Griggs
5 out of 5 stars This has helped kick-start my physique past a plateau. I am feeling better then ever and working out harder than before. Once I started the Nutrition Program I really felt like I started getting the maximum benefits from Winny-v 50.
Danny Prudome
Still to early in my cycle to be certain (and I am currently adding other supplements), however, I do feel more my endurance is way up. I am training twice as hard as before. We will see
Grant Bishop
It works very well, I workout a lot and as I have got older it has gotten harder to maintain my muscle mass but this cycle has done the trick for me. Winny-V, Trenabol 150 and Sermoralen Peptide. I feel like I'm 20 again. I really started losing fat after adding Sermoralen. Give it an A Plus.
I received an email to ask me write review for what I purchased . I never do usually, but I followed the cutting nutrition program and bought a cutting cycle. I am more than impressed. I only cheated on my diet 3 times during whole 8 week program. Im am now in better shape than have ever been in my whole life. I am very pound of myself for being disciplined. The Winny-V really helped. Man did it give me a boost.
Preston Simmons
Russia Pharma! let me tell you. I have never looked like this my whole life. I am ripped to shreds. Just finished 12 week cutting cycle and cutting nutrition program. I cant wait until I start my next cycle.
I run 3 miles a day in the morning and lift 3 times a week at night. Winny-V 50 has increased my speed and endurance like crazy. I am super ripped. Ordering anything bottle tonight. Real deal
Just plain hardcore. Love this stuff !!!!!! The cuts I am starting to see in my shoulders and back is unbelievable. I always had the hardest time getting dry, vascular and hard but not anymore.
Tony M.
Took a break from working out for 4 weeks. work then vacation and eating terrible . Decided to get back on track. Following cutting nutrition program and 8 week cycle. I feel like I can conquer the world. Cant believe how good I feel. So pumped sometimes I cannot finish my workout
Brent Parker
Not sure if its this cycle but my aggression is through the roof. Like it in the gym but not good at home. Maybe its just me
Joey Dtx 79
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