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Let's talk about how Slin 50 may be used to gain lean muscle mass and what manipulations are needed to be known to make this process smooth and most effective Slin 50 supports the diffusion of glucose into the cells via the insulin receptor. Very high concentrations of insulin result in protein synthesis by the strongly stimulated muscle. Insulin is a protein secreted by the pancreas which acts on the liver to stimulate the formation of glycogen from glucose and to inhibit the conversion of non-carbohydrates into glucose. Insulin also promotes the diffusion of glucose into the cells via the insulin receptor. Very high concentrations of insulin result in protein synthesis by the strongly stimulated muscle. It does so mainly by improving the initiation of the peptide chain.

These results make it incredibly useful to bodybuilders and athletes. And those factors combine to make ingested protein more efficient by promoting the transport of amino acids into muscle cells. We can clearly say that insulin is undoubtedly essential for anabolic muscle tissue. It also increases bone density. Another mechanism increasing the anabolic effect of insulin is that insulin increases the levels of IGF (Insulin in your body). No need to remind you that IGF-1 is a highly anabolic hormone.

Insulin also increases the binding capacity of other anabolics with the androgen receptors, which strongly suggests the possibility of a synergistic effect of insulin when combined with other products.


Slin-50 may be very anabolic and the correct nutrition program must be followed exactly.
Whey protein is ideal
60-80 GRAMS
Post workout Meals and Supplements:

15min after the slin-50 dose.
60-80 grams of a good quality protein powder. Whey protein is ideal.
100 grams of dextrose.
5-7 grams of creatine monohydrate.
5-7 grams of glutamine powder.

All these are crucial to get the maximum benefits of slin-50. This may put your body in an extreme anabolic state and be primed for extreme muscle growth and recovery.

Consume another small high protein medium carb low fat meal at 2.5 hours after the Slin- 50 dose.


Slin 50 is an excellent addition to any bulking cycle. It is definitely recommended to stack Slin 50. The anabolic effects are greatly enhanced with all other Russia pharma bulking products.


When bulking and following the nutrition and training program exactly users are reporting lean muscle gains anywhere from 3-6lbs. Users also reporting that this compound is a great addition to any cutting or bulking cycle when used correctly.

The product is designed to push all nutrients into the muscles to be utilized during workouts. I felt like they did exactly what they were intended to do. My muscles felt stronger and firmer during and after workouts during use. sometimes I get so pumped its hard to workout. lol
Anthony Garza
Stacking with Deca 150, Winny-v 50 I've lost some fat and gained some muscle. I workout in the morning so I take it after my workout with breakfast. The pump I get is better and stays with me longer. Feel like my muscle are full all day long now. good stuff
Amazing! when taken properly, especially with a hi carb meal..PREWORKOUT. Giving me an amazing workout with incredible pumps... Great addition to any cycle I'm doing
Travis Weaver
This Product works great with high carb intake meals. You can see your muscles become fuller and enlarged because the carbs are being pushed into your muscles. I would advise to take this product if you are only planning on doing a bulking cycle.
I take two capsules in the am upon waking with breakfast, approx. 65 complex carbs. I take the other two capsule dose with my post workout meal with 80-100 complex/dextrose carbs. It took a couple days before I felt any difference at all but then I noticed that musculature became fuller. It could b just me, but the am dose seems to fill up the muscle group worked the day before, while the post workout dose seems to work on that says target muscle group as the pumps stay much longer then is typical. For chest especially the pump seems to stay full much much longer. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who's eating clean and timing the carbs right
Bobby Collins
I take this about 30-45 mins preworkout with 50g of carbs and the pumps are unreal, I have used this product both bulking and cutting and i have loved it every time.
Alex B
I was very skeptical ordering this product however, this is a must for anyone looking to improve their physique. This pumps you get while taking this product is absolutely insane!!!!
on 8 week bulking plan and let me tell you once I started taking slin-50 everything really started kicking in. I take this post workout with carbs, creatine , glutamine. I feel so pumped all day long like I just left the gym. I love it
Jacob Dodd
Stacking Deca/D-boll 50 and slin 50 I usually get a big carb meal in the morning and another sometime after I workout. Take these about 10 minutes beforehand. Don't feel as bloated and feel more fuller. I'll never bulk or carb load without them. already up 7 lbs.
Johnny Trigo
I feel fuller, more vascular when taking this. Especially about an hour after a meal. Everything just seems tighter. My recovery times seem to have improved as the month as gone on. Not as sore. the gains have been good on this cycle. Doing 8 week bulking. EQ-250, Test 200, and D-boll. If I take a dose with high carb I get so pumped I cant finish my workouts sometimes.
I cant say enough on how much muscle fullness and workout recovery this has added to my cycle. I cant hit it harder than ever and not even be sore the next day anymore.
Steve wood
Great addition to my cycles. I didn't take this product on my last bulking cycle and man I cant tell a big difference now. So freakin pumped all the time and Im able to lift longer and more weight. Im glad I gave it a chance.
Jessie Mcgloughlin
****ing pumps are insane.When I take this with high carb / creatine I can barely even finish my arm workout I get so pumped up and tight.
started the 8 week bulking program. I am being very consistent because I wanted to get the most out of the products. This is a product you can really feel right away if you take it as directed. Muscle feel swollen all day.
I use this product and take dose 30 min before cheat meals and it helps me stay lean all year now. Defiantly can tell a huge difference not even really changing anything and still having my cheat meals when I want to. Recommend to always have some on hand
Joey Valsi
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