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EQ-250 may increase performance and vascularity rapidly, and may present a significant advantage when adding to most Russia Pharma products when used correctly. Without question, a moderate increase performance would be very advantageous for most any athlete.


EQ-250 supports an increase in appetite that many performance enhancing athletes are looking for. However, it doesn't appear to affect everyone the same. Many who use the anabolic report no increase in appetite, it tends to be highly individualistic, but it could be useful for those struggling to consume needed calories.


EQ-250 should not aromatize therefore. Therefore no estrogen related side effects should occur.


EQ-250 is also well noted for supporting increases in strength. An increase in strength can be very beneficial to an off season mass plan, but perhaps more beneficial to the enhancement of athletic performance.


The product may provide numerous advantages to the athlete, not only may it increase in strength but it also may increase muscular endurance. Recovery should also be enhanced. Regardless of the desired purpose of use, all who supplement with EQ-250 may enjoy these related benefits.


Most men are encouraged to include some form of PCT after their EQ-250 use. Immediately following the user should start Cloma-D 50.


EQ-250 can be an excellent addition to a well planned cycle, but you must understand what it can provide and how it can benefit you in order to get the most out of it. For mass It is best when stacked with D Boll 50, Deca 150 and Test CYP 200. For cutting cycles only run in the very begging then discontinue use at weeks 2-4 depending on the length of the cutting cycle.


When bulking and following the nutrition and training program exactly users are reporting lean muscle gains anywhere from 3-6lbs. Users are also reporting that this compound is a great addition to any cutting or bulking cycle when used correctly.

One of the best supplements I have ever taken. Stacked Eq-250 and Deca-150. My vascularity is out of control this cycle.
Started EQ-250, haven't changed my habits of taking in a lot of protein and carbs through your the day, and lifting hard. Have gained 4lbs in 3 weeks and have noticed a lot more strength in the weight room. Seemed to be a lot more hungry also.
Brooks Stephens
This is the second time I ran eq-250. First time was solo, increased vascularity and gained 3 lbs. this cycle I did a full 12 week bulking cycle. jump started with the EQ. Im up 6lbs so far, I love the way it makes me feel. this will be a staple in all my cycles now
Shepard R.
Loving the eq-250. have way more muscle fullness and density. my hunger is up a little, not sure if its the product or Im working out a lot harder
Mike B.
Stacking D-boll 50, EQ-250, Deca 150 , and test 200. Im up 9lbs. Didn't start the EQ until week 4 and really started to feel it kick in about week 7. Definatly added vascularity and strength to the bulking cycle. Would I recommend? Yes sir !.
Just finished cycle. up 3.5lbs lean mass. Strength is way up. can say I was happy with the product.
Tyler mobley
week 2 now and its Very effective. I have a lot more energy in the gym , vascularity starting to show more. Im just now adding D-boll-50 to the cycle to see if I can get to my goal of 8lbs this bulk.
Angel Salinas
I started the russia Pharma nutrition program and 8 week cutting cycle jump started with the EQ-250. Im now on week 4 and I can Im pretty impressed. it did make me a little hungrier which makes it a little tough while cutting but really was Able to keep my strength and muscle fullness while cutting this time. oh yeah vascularity in getting insane. Ready to see where I end up after complete cycle
I'm on my second bottle. I have been impressed with the product and have seen some decent lean muscle gains that I directly attribute to this. I've used many products in the past and this lives up to the name
Doug Cannon
i am able to keep up with the high intensity and able to push it to the next level. The recovery time has been pretty good, I don't think this alone help me but it did give me the extra boost along with proper dieting and workout program.
Troy Bishop
I'm not going to sit here and say it's a magic pill because I don't believe that's true for any product but this addition to my bulking cycle has been great. my lifts have all increased my weight is up cant ask for much more. There's no substitute for hard work but there are things that can help you get where you want, and I believe this is one of them.
After 30 days I started to feel amazing. Definitely noticed some pretty good gains in lean muscle mass. Just watch it a little, as it will make you a little more irritable,
Blake Anderson
EQ-250 is now one of the cornerstones of my stack and approach to ensuring that I have the endurance necessary to complete extreme workouts. Since I started I have been noticing how full its keeping my muscles.
Price Moore
I started using this product for about 3 weeks now and I have been having great results with it. I would highly recommend this product for those of you who have been hitting a plateau on your gains
Jeff Barbour
Been taking these for about 6 weeks and I can really feel a difference. It's slow, but it starting to work great. Muscles feel fuller, great pumps at the gym, quicker recovery, lost some belly fat,. Subtle change over time. I think you really need to give a couple months to see the full results. So far I'm very pleased and look forward to the next few weeks. Highly recommend!
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