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Clen-50 does not actively burn fat by attacking fat cells, but may stimulate the metabolism by increasing the body's temperature. This occurs due to the beta-2 stimulation stimulating the mitochondria of the cells to produce and release more heat. In turn, this heats up the body's temperature (slightly), enhances the metabolism and causes the individual to burn body fat at a greater rate. In reality, the functions and traits of Clen-50 are very simple and very straightforward.

As a thermogenic, the effects are again very simple. As the body temperature increases, which again is due to the beta-2 stimulation, the individual is now able to burn calories at an enhanced rate. Body temperature goes up, the metabolism is enhanced, fat cells are stimulated due to the increase in temperature due to the now enhanced metabolism, the breakdown of triglycerides is now enhanced and fat loss occurs. It's hard to get any simpler than that.

While Clen-50 may be a powerful fat loss agent, it is not magical and will not make a fat physique lean on its own. You still have to diet in order to lose body fat. It's commonly used the last 8-10 weeks leading up to a competition, sometimes a little longer. For the average gym rat, one who doesn't compete but is looking to lean out Clen 50 is an excellent choice. We're not saying you have to be contest ready lean in order for their to be a benefit. If you're already in fairly good shape and looking to lean out a little more, absolutely, Clen-50 can prove useful.

Clen-50 may be an excellent thermogenic, but again it is not a magical fat loss substance. If you use it, you will still need to burn more calories than you take in if you are going to lose body fat. Granted, Clen-50 may help you burn calories at a higher rate, and in reality this could mean your caloric deficit wouldn't need to be as great as it would without Clen-50. However, if you're truly going to get a solid benefit out of it you should diet just as you without Clen-50 and view the Clen-50 as an added bonus. Get the most you can out of it; after all, you cannot use it non-stop, and as it can be a little annoying due to the stimulating effects you might as well maximize your use to make it worthwhile. Most importantly, while it may help you lose body fat at an accelerated rate, especially that last little bit of stubborn body fat, responsible use remains imperative.


Clen-50 can be used alone to support fat loss but when stacked with Winny-V 50, Anvr- 25, trenabol 150,and Sermoralean Peptide the effect are just downright extraordinary. The Fat loss may be accelerated while supporting dry hard vascular muscles begin to show.


Clen-50 users that follow the above nutrition and training program exactly are reporting extreme body fat reduction anywhere from 2- 7lbs. Users are also reporting enhanced fat burning affects when stacked with other Russia Pharma product during a cutting cycle.

Fantastic & it actually works!! I've had a very hard time finding products that do what they say they will, this actually does. Gives me energy, suppresses my hunger, & gives me that extra endurance in my workouts. lost considerable amount of fat so far. Only downside its pretty strong. Recommend starting out with 1 capsule until you get used to it.
Logan Bradford
I took Clen 50 on an 8 week cutting cycle with winny-V 50 and anavr-25. I have never been this ripped before in my life. I haven't cheated at all from the cutting nutrition program. Feeling amazing !!
Mathew D.
Im a competitor and did a full 12 week cutting cycle that included clen 50 and followed cutting nutrition program all the way to the show. I placed 1st in my class but didn't take the overall. Next time I will be ready. The best thing about clen 50 is that is really helped curb my appetite while dieting. Usually when cutting up to the show I always end up cheating too much on my diet. this time was different. It will be included in any cycle I do before a show from now on.
The appetite suppression an energy from this is amazing. This is the best thing I have tried and I have tried MANY in the past . Highly recommend this!
Joe Allen jr.
Had a beach vacation scheduled so I did a quick 4 week cutting cycle that included Clen 50, winny-V 50, anavr-25 and lase-x. Started the recommended cutting nutrition program the day I started the cycle. I always had some muscle but have never been this ripped before. I cant believe it. The girl I was with couldn't keep giving me compliments. my confidence is through the roof now... will continue with Russia Pharma for sure.
I workout intensely about 3 times a week and im not able to do more because of work currently. i have lost about 4 pounds in 2 weeks just taking this and eating better like the plan shows to . honestly dont think i would of lost this weight while gaining upper body muscle. like it like it
Ryan Hernandez
Russia pharma doesn't disappoint. This is my second cycle and I cant say enough. Added clen 50 this time and the energy it added is insane. I have to take it first thing in the morning or I have trouble sleeping. its pretty strong with is good thing but defiantly cant take it anytime after lunch.
I have used multiple fat burners in the past, and this is by far the most potent and effective fat burner you can buy. I went with cutting nutrition program and cut the carbs even slightly more than recommended, grinded hard in the gym, increased cardio on empty stomach in the morning and lost 10 pounds in two weeks to get beach ready. Not even exaggerating the weight I was able to cut with this stuff.
Nick N.
This product is the best I've tried in a very long time. The most difficult time I have with starting back on clean dieting is hunger and cravings. As soon as I started using this product my cravings were completely gone.
I just want to say I am truly impressed with my Clen-50 / Anavr-25 cutting cycle. I have already lost body fat and 2lbs in pure lean muscle.
after being very skeptical I only ordered the Clen 50 / winny v - 50 4 weeks cycle. My results have been so good I wish I would have done the full 12 week cutting cycle from the beginning. I'm off cycle now so giving it a break then running full cutting cycle and program.
Using it, combined with intermittent fasting and early morning cardio Great results!
I was already a fairly lean 179lb with good muscle mass when I started taking Clen 50. After finishing a bulking cycle where I gained good muscle and a little fat, due to eating with a bulking mentality, I wanted to shred back down to look really good. Initially I started with Clen with Anavr 25 to try and retain as much muscle as possible while dieting. within 5 days I began to notice that it was genuinely working and helping me to lean out, especially in the more stubborn areas like the lower abs. I have been doing this, along with following the cutting nutrition program and staying in the gym, for another 10 days now and in 2 weeks I am already down to a shredded 176lb. I will probably stay on this short cutting cycle for another 2 weeks to reach my goal of around 174b and will definitely order it again when I run another cutting cycle early next year.
This is probably by far one of the craziest most insane and energetic burns I have ever taken. Becareful with it if it is your first time. Also, make sure to stay away from taking pre workouts with clen 50 it will just be too much.
Nick Narvez
This product decreases appetite, fatigue becomes nonexistent, and your mind hyper focuses on eating only small amounts of the best foods to compliment what the Clen-50 is intended to do.
Jessie Garcia
Great cycle for sure! After a friend recommended Russia Pharma products and nutrition program I decided to order Clen 50 , Winny-V 50 and Anavr-25. Im dropping 2-4 lbs consistent every week while maintaining muscle. Im starting to see some serious muscle definition. Been getting a lot more looks at the gym if you know what I mean..
Brice johnson
I have to use clen 50 with my cutting cycles. Its usually so hard to stay on my diet plan but this helps me not cheat at all. My results are so much better everytime I add this in. wont leave home without it
I use it almost every day! Great mood enhancer Great energy! Great appetite control! Just do not drink caffeine or any other pre workout supplement it it will make ur heart feel like its going to explode. All around awesome!
It is by no means a miracle you need to combine with the recommended nutrition program (lean meats fruit and veg) and exercise. I would recommend this to anyone that is stuck on a plateau and needs a push.
Used this product for about 4 months and with the recommended nutrition program and cardio while fasted in the mornings. I was able to lose close to 40 pounds. I started off at 219 and currently I am 181 My goal is to get to 165 and then start a cycle to add clean lean muscle. Had no side effects and I only used 2 caps a day. Great product
This product definitely curbs my appetite! I have tried many different products and do nothing for me. I take 1 every morning and 1 at around 12:30. So happy that I did research and found something that works for me!!
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