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Arimed-X may be an extremely powerful anti-estrogen. Arimed-X may help reduce water retention, which will greatly aid in showing off that hard physique. This is extremely beneficial on cutting cycles to bring out those extreme cuts and enhanced vascularity.


For the user, Arimed-X doses can vary with 1300mg every day being the most common. Very few should ever need more than 1300 mg every day and many will be more than fine with half that amount and can use 1300mg every other day, it will just depend on the heaviness of the cycle.


Users report significant water reduction and estrogen reduction when used with other Russia pharma products and with the above nutrition and training programs followed exactly.

I love this product I had my E2 tested after being on this for a month and it was down about 20% . good stuff
I have noticed I have been retain less water. I stacked it with D-boll 50/deca 150, and Test 200. It has worked well in the stack. Feel great and water retention is a lot lower
leaner yet more fully defined. This powerhouse of estrogen regulating ingredients surprisingly enabled me to lift heavier, I chose to take it in the morning before workouts for that reason. great product
Jake Latimer
It works quickly, with leaning and drying mass. My shoulders look more defined than they aver have. perfect addition to bulking cycle
I started to notice more vascularity in my arms, quads and even around my waist. I didn't experience any changes to my bodyweight while taking Arimed-X, Glad I added it to cycle. it certainly helped me to put together a better look and that drove my confidence way up
Added to my bulking cycle on week 2. Helped out with water retention tremendously. Will continue to run Arimed-x until the end of the 8 week cycle.
Harvey Mack
During the last 4 weeks before my first bodybuilding show I began supplementing with Arimed-X. talk about RESULTS!!! I was so pleased with the results (teamed together with my training and diet) I could hardly believe the mirror. Had a hard lean look.
I use it on lean bulks and cutting cycles all the time and noticeable improvements always come within 2 weeks
This leaned me out somewhat While on lean bulk cycle. Weight did not fluctuate as much but I did have some vascularity and improvement in definition.
Gideon S.
it does work I've notice my mood changed and I felt better in the gym
Kyle Utel
I've been using this product for nearly a month. The effects I've noticed are an increased libido, improved sleep, and an overall increase in energy since I've been taking Arimed-X
Started two weeks in to an 8 week bulking cycle because I was noticing a little water retention. This dropped all my water now looking really defined and vascular. Im going to run from Day 1 next time. No reason not to
Seems Like it melts the fat off but I know it probably mostly water. this product really help me see definition I have never seen before. Recommended!
Michael Hernandez
On D-boll, Test Cyp 200, Deca 150 cycle. This has really helped me keep water retention slim to none. Wont run a cycle without it now
Walter L.
I got this because I wanted to keep my estrogen levels in check. From what I can tell so far it is working good and also gave me a great libido boost.Love the energy it gives me.This works truly well for the expected reason and is a decent quality item.
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